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This is a silhouette of me I made...in my G-man frames.

I often get comments, questions, and concerns about my glasses. There are mixed reviews; some people like them, others don’t. That’s cool. But if you know me, you know that I love Aristotle’s views on life. One concept of his, that I often make mention of, is found in his work, Nicomachean Ethics. It states that all human action is aimed or targeted at a perceived good; all action is intentional…people don’t just do stuff to do it. So why did I get these frames?



WI was really excited when I first got these frames!ith this in mind, it would be an understatement to say I got my glasses because I thought they were cool. Yes I do, but it was a philosophical purchase. A philosophy I never felt I had the platform to express until now.

To the dismay of many, I didn’t really get these frames to look like Malcolm X. I was in Hardee’s the other day…you know…getting’ my chicken on…and some people who called themselves whispering said, “That boy looks like Malcolm X.” I get it all the time. My uncle no longer calls me “Timmy.” He refers to me as “My Black Brother.” Ok, so why these frames?

These frames were purchased brand new from an antique dealer. They were manufactured in the 1950s. I wanted some glasses that were authentic to the time period; not foreign made imitations. The reason behind the frames…

I have grown disgusted with the state of the Negro in America today. For years and years, we triumphed and excelled, but now it just seems like all of those former victories have lost their meaning. All of those old soldiers that marched, were flogged, were quartered by horses, were lynched by mobs, attacked by dogs and firefighters’s hoses, ostracized…all of those efforts seem like, now, they were made in vain. Since I need glasses anyway, it is my desire to see my people unified toward the common goal of progress as a man would’ve seen in the 1950s. These glasses are symbolic of me seeing my people assume the legacy of greatness from the generations of the past.

At  the same time, they do look a little snazzy… Do you like my frames? Better yet… Do you think I look like Malcolm X? LOL… Let me know!

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Mr. wRight
John 3:30

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My name is Timothy Wright, Jr.... this is my blog. Um...read the autobiographical posts to learn more...lol.

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