Black Greatness
Captures of Black Greatness

Black People are phenomenal. When you look through the chronicles of our heritage, there is one common factor—greatness. In politics, in music, in medicine, in business, in science…in so many areas, we were great. We were endowed with a reach legacy to build upon, but for various reasons, the latter generations have failed to maximize on that which was bequeathed to us. Being around the schools, and hailing from a family of educators, I see that the legends of the past aren’t known as they should be. Walking down the hall at one school during Black History Month, the art students were tasked to draw their Black heroes. In the display were impeccable portraits of modern day rappers and athletes. Even hearing a middle school student, in all honesty, not really know much about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. other than, “I Have A Dream.” It’s pretty sad that our rich history and heritage of excellence is being usurped by our present day psychosocial maladies. For the which cause, I am going to highlight various people and events to venerate our progenitors for the sacrifices they have made down through the years. You will see random “Profiles of Greatness” cycling on the site at all times in the right column. Feel free to click and learn!

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