It's hard to notice the uniqueness of a tree with the backdrop of the forest.

It’s very hard to see the uniqueness and beauty of a tree, when surrounded by a forest. Other trees may look like it, but each tree, down to its genetic makeup, is different from any other tree.  But it’s testimony of exclusivity as a “part” is drowned out by our generalization of the whole. This is the case with many of our young Black brothers and sisters. There are a many doing splendors and scaling heights unknown. But all of these positive advancements constantly drowned out by the negative. Turn on the nightly news and there isn’t much mention of the honor roll students, the young people starting businesses, and other fruitful contributions to society. So this is a forum to celebrate our young people and their good works. If you know of any good things young people are doing in your area, please let me know so we call all celebrate those achievements together! Our young people are our pride of today and they are our promise for a brighter tomorrow. Everything we can do to empower them, we ought to do.


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