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A portmanteau, or combining of multiple words and their meanings to form a new word, “Edulitainment” posts will cover aspects of education, enlightenment, and entertainment. It will simply look at different situations I encounter, both present day and historical, and give reflections on it from a Black perspective. The following sub-categories will be used:


  • Bars & Music – These posts pertain to musical aspects (musicians, songs, bands, etc.).


  • On the Parlor Walls – This concept is adopted from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. In this book, the author gives an illustration of “tv-like screens” called “parlor walls;” they were as large as the walls. (Published in 1953, this is very telling of today’s hi-definition screens!) The images projected on these screens had a great hand of influence over the story’s characters. I will be talking about things I see from movies/television/internet, and things of the like and give my reflections on them.


  • Rung By Rung – I know if you’ve seen the television show, “The Jeffersons,” you’ve heard George say how he attained his success. Well I will be analyzing some business situations in this category.


  • Scorekeeper – I was trying my hardest to think o a term that was relevant to every sport. Not every sport uses a ball. Not every sport is played on a court, or a field. But as far as I know, every game has a score. So I will highlight on some things I notice in the sports arena.


  • Turn a New Leaf – This is an idiom that is often used to talk about one making a change in their life and starting anew. However, many don’t know that it originates from turning a page (a leaf) in a book. Well, as I read different books, I’ll simply post my reflections on them.


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