Photo of a Fishing Pond.

This is more than an example of alliteration. When I think of the term “pensive,” I think of being in serious deep thought. And when I go to the pond and fish, I know that I’m going to be there awhile. “Pensive Pond” to me is just a relaxed state of serious deep thought. Giving often unconsidered considerations, consideration. The following sub-categories will be used:

  • Ask the Right Questions… – This is actually adopted from one of my favorite movies, “I, Robot.” If you haven’t seen it, that’s one you need to go out and purchase; it’s very good. Not to give too much of it away, the plot was propelled between a man and a hologram. In order to put the puzzle pieces together, this man had to ask the hologram questions. The hologram would never give an answer, but he’d say one of two things. “I’m sorry. My responses are limited. You must ask the right questions,” or “That, detective, is the right question. Program terminated.” The hologram was to encourage the man to think. We often search for answers when instead we should be asking questions… What questions have you asked lately?
  • Be Not Deceived… – Life truly is lived in the side view mirror… objects are closer than they appear. Oftentimes we can get absorbed in the appearance of things that the essence gets lost in the sauce. These posts really challenge what has been accepted as normative.
  • Deep Talk – Have you ever been in thought and said, “Yo, that’s pretty deep.” Well, I get that feeling from time to time. Instead of just keeping it in my mind, I’ll scratch a few lines out on the site. (A good plenty of these posts will end up being designated Deep Talk.)
  • Get Lifted – If you ever get the opportunity to get to know me, you learn one of my favorite things to do is to encourage people to go for their dreams or to ultimately be the best person that they can be. Well in these posts, it’s my hope to bring about some motivation, in a very depressing world.
  • Aristotle: 384 BC - 322 BCPerpetual History – Aristotle is one of my favorite philosophers. I was first introduced to him, at great length, in my philosophy courses at Old Dominion University. You will see me draw inspiration from his words from time to time…  One quote of his, that I find to be a revelatory truth is, “If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.” There are many questions as to why the Black community is in its current state. Many have words to render, but few take a sociological assessment of the chronicles of the Black journey. When you do, you will see how history  perpetuates itself, and if we look to it, history will give us many answers for our today.

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