This gallery will grow with time, but here are a few shots to wet your whistle. Click on any picture and then put your mouse pointer over either the left or right edge of the picture to scroll through the gallery.

This is what I do when I'm on hall duty... Well... this teacher had a whole lot of YODA stuff in the class.. I was in shock! This is what you do on your free bell when you're a sub...
This is my breast cancer awareness 'get up.' Mr. wRight.. That's the name...that's the game. Trying to look deep in Hampton University's computer lab. Of course the photographer messes up my blazer with those numbers!! >:(
Gotta love apple juice... A BIG bottle of apple juice. At ODU. I was the president of the Latino Student Alliance for a couple of, I'm not Latino (hence the blog). But it was a blast! Great crew. I was selected=
Overlooking Paris from the Eiffel Tower. Me standing at my future home... I put $20 down on it. I call them the TWJ Trio... My sisters Kimberly(R) and Dedra(L).
This is me frontin'. I wish I could play half as good as Ray! I'm really not that great on the sticks though. Seriously... Camera + Too Much Free Time + Love for the Dallas Cowboys = This pic... ODU Girls basketball jacked this from me a couple years ago!! >:-(

This is what I do when I'm on hall duty...